About Us -

 EJ retired in July of 2000 from the construction business, having spent most of his career working on major projects overseas. Upon retiring, he immediately started a second career, constructing a vineyard. Prior to retiring, many potential vineyard areas were investigated, and compared to a list of preferred requirements. We found what we were looking for in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California.

 Chiyo retired as the Japanese Liaison Manager of the Dept. of Development for the State of Ohio. Her position was involved in the successful relocation of many Japanese automotive related firms to the State of Ohio.

 Our love of good wine and food, planted the thought of someday growing our own grapes, and making our own wine. Consequently, Sierra Moon Vineyards was established as a small family owned vineyard, where the owners spend most of their time in the vineyard, to grow only the very best quality fruit possible. When you start with top quality fruit, the winemaker's ability to make a premium wine is greatly enhanced.

 Working together, we have made our dream come true, and now we want to share our good fortune with you.

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